NSTI BioNano 2010

Smart Glucose-responsive Nanohydrogel PDMS Microgrid Membrane for Self-regulated Delivery of Insulin

M.K.L. Chu, C.R. Gordijo, J. Chen, Y. Sun, X.Y. Wu
University of Toronto, CA

Keywords: drug delivery, insulin, pH-responsive, hydrogel, nanoparticle, membranes


Current diabetes treatment methods require active treatment and patient intervention through periodic insulin injections. A novel crosslinked albumin-based hydrogel membrane was integrated with a PDMS grid to create a responsive membrane for the delivery of insulin. Embedded ph-responsive nanoparticles were used to create ‘nano-valves’ to control diffusion of insulin through the gel-grid membrane. Immobilized enzymes glucose oxidase and catalase were used to react to increasing glucose concentrations creating an acidic stimuli in the environment to trigger opening of the ‘nano-valves’. This releases insulin through the composite membrane via passive diffusion. This gel-grid membrane shows potential to be utilized in a reservoir or transdermal system for a closed-loop ‘smart’ system for diabetes treatment.
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