NSTI BioNano 2010

Ultra-Small Au Nanoparticles in the Cells

X. Zhang, J.L. Nadeau, H. Chibli
McGill University, CA

Keywords: gold nanoparticles, doxorubicin


In this work, red-fluorescent ultra-small Au nanoparticles are synthesized with a tiopronin shell for any potential functionalization. Doxorubicin is conjugated to Au nanoparticles. Toxcity test shows that the conjugates are significantly more lethal to B16 melanoma cells than doxorubicin itself while the Au NPs itself does no harm. The mechanism of action of the conjugate is further explored. Bcl2 transfected Hela cells, a cell line resistant to apoptosis, are used to find out the role of conjugate in apoptosis. Surprisingly, the gold-doxorubicin conjugate appears so destructive that it kills the Hela-Bcl2+ to the same level as to the Hela-Control cells while doxorubicin alone kills more Hela-Control cells. Oxidative DNA damage Elisa experiment is also done to answer to what level are the cellular chromosomes damaged by oxidation. This exploration offers a very promising potential in the use of gold to be an efficient drug delivery agent and an enhancing tool for the drug efficiency.
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