NSTI BioNano 2010

In Vitro Cytotoxicity Study of Nanomaterials: Bioimpedance Analysis Technique

K. Kandasamy, M. Marimuthu, S. Kim
Kyungwon University, KR

Keywords: nanomaterials, ECIS, cytotoxicity, cellular uptake


In the emerging nanotechnology field, development of a significant and sensitive method to analyze and compare the cytotoxicity of nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes (CNT) is in urgent need since nanomaterials have many biomedical applications such as contrast agents or drug delivery carriers. Nevertheless expensive and complicated system compared to conventional ones, bioimpedance system can be one of the candidates which possess great utility so far in many medical research fields including nanotechnology field. Electric cell-substrate impedance sensing is one among the bioimpedance system which is a real time, non-invasive and quantitative measurement method utilized for cytotoxicity analysis in this present research. In order to analyze the toxicity level of nanomaterials, we have utilized a novel gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) synthesized using ascorbic acid, as natural reducing agent and compared its cytotoxicity with as purchased CNT. Bioimpedance results were validated by conventional WST-1 assay and accompanied by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to examine the nanoparticles and CNT inside the VERO cells. The results describes that higher concentration of CNT possesses toxic effect to cells whereas all concentration of AuNPs doesn’t show any cytotoxicity due to use of natural reducing agent for AuNPs synthesis.
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