NSTI BioNano 2010

Novel nanostructured drug delivery technology to enhance bioavailability, increase solubility and drug loading

G. Heltovics, Zs. Ötvös, G. Filipcsei, F. Darvas
NanGenex Inc., HU

Keywords: drug nanoparticles, increase solubility, enhanced bioavailability


In the presentation we will discuss the perspectives and pharmacokinetic benefits of the nanosized active molecules over the parent active molecules. The bioavailability of reference and nanosized drug was determined after oral administration (30 mg/kg) in fasted state at Sprague-Dawley rats using international standard protocols. Nanosized drug had an AUC15-360 min value of 6412 µg∙min/ml while this value after reference treatment was 940.1 µg∙min/ml. The ratio of the two AUC values (AUC15-360 min (nanosized) / AUC15-360 min (reference)) was 6.82. Work was supported by the Hungarian Grant KMOP-1.1.1-09/1-2009-0025.
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