NSTI BioNano 2010

Complexation and Bioactivity Studies of Cyclodextrin-Modified Polyelectrolyte Multilayers

Y-J. An, S.Y. Yang
Chungnam National University, KR

Keywords: complexation, host-guest, polyelectrolyte, thin film


We here present the study of complexation of guest molecules with cyclodextrins which are immobilized in polymer film on colloidal particles. Modified cyclodextrins which have charged units were synthesized and assembled with oppositely charged polymer thin films through layer-by-layer process. We created polyelectrolyte multilayers (PEMs) on flat and colloidal particles using hydrogen bonding or electrostatic interactions. Due to the special molecular structure they are able to enclose smaller hydrophobic molecules or hydrophobic side groups of polymer as guests into their cavities to form host-guest interaction complexation.
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