NSTI BioNano 2010

Multi-functional phage controlling biochemical, physical and mechanical cues by using genetically engineered M13 with biotin-like motif

S.Y. Yoo, W-J Chung, S-W Lee, S.Y. Yoo
University of California, Berkeley, US

Keywords: HPQ, M13, multifunction, tissue regeneration


We developed novel multi-functional tissue regenerating bacteriophage (phage) which can control biochemical, physical and mechanical cues. We engineered the major coat protein of the phage with tripeptide streptavidin binding peptide, His-Pro-Gln (HPQ), and developed novel multi-functional tissue regenerating materials. Through the specific conjugation between HPQ engineering phage (HPQ-phage) and target molecules through streptavidin, we can easily couple various of chemical and biological growth factors on the phage body and control their physical and mechanical behaviors. Enzyme-linked immunosorbant assays showed streptavidin binding levels were HPQ-phage dose dependent whereas non-HPQ virus didn’t show positive signal compared to negative control. Immobilization of FGFb was performed via HPQ-streptavin binding. The proliferation effects of HPQ mediated FGFb growth factor was investigated by using neural progenitor cells. Immobilized FGFb via HPQ-phages showed higher and prolonged proliferation effects for 8 days without any media change in culture system whereas cells didn’t grow without immobilizing FGFb. Additionally, the usage in controlling physical cues was examined by simply shearing HPQ-phages with streptavidin-NGFs and measuring the alignment and the axon length of neural cells induced by immobilized NGFs. Mixing streptavidin with HPQ at different ratios also could control the stiffness to make different phage fiber sets. We believe that our genetically engineered phages will provide promising medically applicable platform with prolonged expected effects and proper stiffness of desired tissue regenerating materials.
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