NSTI BioNano 2010

Stem cell-directed theranostic nanovectors for cancer intervention

J.O. Martinez, F. Amaya, R. Serda, X. Liu, M. Ferrari, M.G. Kolonin, E. Tasciotti
The University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston, US

Keywords: stem cell, nanovectors, multistage, nanoporous silcion, nanocarriers


Nanoparticles have emerged as potential vectors capable of delivering cytotoxic and imaging agents to cancer sites at effective dosages to maximize efficacy while limiting the health-adverse side effects. However, even when decorated with targeting moieties, nanoparticles have failed to accumulate at the site of cancer at therapeutic dosages. To address this problem, we developed multi-stage silicon particles (MSP) that were fabricated to optimally carry cytotoxic and imaging nanoparticles and release them in a controlled fashion. In addition, we recently demonstrated that adipose stromal stem cells (ASC), derived from human white adipose tissue, efficiently and rapidly (less than one day) home to tumors when injected subcutaneously. Here we propose to decouple the homing and therapeutic responsibilities onto separate components, thus developing a pioneering platform (a Trojan Horse) capable to efficiently deliver theranostic nanovectors for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. In this platform the targeting relies on the ASC’s tropism to the cancer lesion, leading to the accumulation of 100% of the injected dose to the tumor site. MSPs provide the unprecedented ability to engineer key physicochemical features, tailor the pharmacological regimen and control the delivery of the functional payload to the tumor site.
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