NSTI BioNano 2010

Low-cost 3D Wind Anemometers for Architectural Wind Modeling and Prediction

J. Hirano, D. Garmire
University of Hawaii at Manoa, US

Keywords: anemometer, architectural wind


As wind power generation becomes more popular especially in urban areas, it becomes important to understand wind flow on a small scale accounting for the effects of building topology and neighboring buildings for wind-energy availability. The proximity of neighboring buildings and the shape and structural artifacts present in a building affect the natural airflow in ways which are not detectable by coarse readings from a single anemometer. To measure architectural wind, we require many distributed anemometers that are low-cost, capable of measuring the three dimensional motion of wind, and readily mountable on a structure at some distance away from the surface of the structure. We demonstrate a low-cost anemometer capable of measuring up to 100 mph winds with a resolution of 0.2 mph. We use a mass-spring system that accurately tracks the wind by choosing a high resonant frequency and high damping for the three-stage parallel guided suspension. We also show the circuit implementation of this anemometer and characterization results.
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